How The Investment Process Works

Step 1

Choose Your Service

Choosing a service starts by you speaking with one of our advisors who can help guide you in the right direction. All services have different initial start-up costs, working capital costs, risk-to-reward ratios, revenue, profits, and refund policies. 

Our team is prepared to walk you through every service and find the best one for your needs.

Step 2

Get Funded

Should you need or desire capital to retain our services or for working capital for your e-commerce business, we have reliable sources that can provide these fund to qualified borrowers. Many sources offer 0% interest credit lines for 12 to 18 months and others take less than perfect credit.

At Wealth Assistants, you never need to come out of pocket to secure one of our services, as we understand the importance of leverage.

Since launching we have secured a joint relationship with Pennington Consulting Group who works directly with our clients to get them the working capital needed, so we can scale and you can grow.

Step 3


Once you’ve chosen your service and secured business funding, your onboarding process will take place with our team. Depending on the service you’ve chosen to start with, onboarding can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to get your foundational business assets set up and in place.

Onboarding is the one thing we’ll need your assistance with when setting up your chosen service. At the end of the day, these different investment vehicles are your assets that you own and we want to make sure they’re all set up correctly in your name/entity, so our team can handle the rest.

Step 4

You Collect Passive Income

After your onboarding is completed you’ll be added to a private success management group with our direct operations team. There you’ll be able to ask questions and see what is occurring behind the scenes as we scale and manage your business.

Depending on your service you can expect payouts, to be made anywhere from daily to monthly. Payouts may also come directly into your business bank account from the service we’re managing or paid to you directly by us if the service/asset is owned by our management team.

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