Shopify Brand Management

If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio with nontraditional assets like e-commerce, our Shopify Brand Management service is the perfect opportunity for you.

With our Shopify Brand Management you’re the business owner while we are your operational partners.

We do 95% of the work for you. You fund the business and collect the profits while we manage supplier relations, quality checking, order fulfillment, shipping, marketing, and customer support.

How Our Shopify Brand Management Works?

We launch your ecommerce brand using the Shopify ecommerce platform. Shopify is the #1 ecommerce platform and is home to some of the largest brands in the industry. 

Once your store is up and running, our team of ecommerce experts will then manage all the backend operations. We handle all the product research, product sourcing, store optimization, marketing, team management, customer service, and order fulfillment. 

Our Shopify Brand Management service is truly a white-glove experience. 

A Behind The Scenes Look Inside Shopify Stores

Curious what it’s like to own one of these Shopify stores? Have a look into some of our Shopify stores to get a better understanding of what it’s like owning a store.

Our Service Deck

Read our Ecom Brand Management service deck to better understand our management process and how much you are guaranteed to make while working with us.

How The Shopify Brand Management
Process Works

Step 1

Get Onboarded

We make onboarding easy with our dedicated success management team that’s there to help you get set up. 

We dedicate the first month to setting the foundation for your new Shopify Brand.

Once we have your new LLC, Branded Ecommerce Store, and Advertising accounts in place we’ll be off to the races while you get to sit back and enjoy owning this new business (not working on it).

Step 2

Store Setup & Management

Once we gather all the initial assets needed to launch your Shopify store, we now shift our focus into building out your store. 

Inside of your second month of partnering with us is when the real fun begins.

During this stage you will really start to see your new Shopify store come to life.

Our team of experienced ecommerce experts will do the heavy lifting for you. We handle all the inventory sourcing, set up all your social media accounts, and manage all the back end fulfillment. 

Step 3

Organic Viral Content

Let’s face it, advertising can get expensive. And if you aren’t careful, you could lose all your upfront capital through wasted ad spend. This is why we prioritize our initial efforts on organic marketing to scale your business to get you the highest ROI.

The secret to our success is tapping into a highly effective organic marketing strategy upfront. We do this by creating engaging content on the most effective and profitable social media platforms.  

We will provide your brand with engaging organic content that performs at a high ROI. See how over 4 million views on one TikTok video alone for this brand helped us achieve $60,000+ in revenue generated within 36 days.

Step 4

Paid Marketing

By analyzing what organic content performed the best in terms of ROI we can now focus our efforts on scaling your Shopify store through paid media. 

One of our top performing platforms in terms of paid advertising is Snapchat & Facebook. Adding these marketing channels to a store after the first 4-5 months can increase the revenue substantially.

Step 5

You Collect The Revenue

Once we’ve identified the winning products for your store and implement our proven marketing strategies, you will really start to see the earning potential for your Shopify store.

This is where you can sit back and start enjoying the fruits of our labor. 

You can expect payouts to be made directly into your new business bank account on a monthly basis.

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