Amazon Marketplace Management

With our Amazon Marketplace Management you’re the business owner while we are your operational partners.

You fund the business and collect the profits while we manage supplier relations, quality checking, warehousing, shipping, products listings, and customer support.

How Our Amazon Seller System Works?

We first help you get approved to sell on’s e-commerce marketplace. We then manage and scale your store by handling the operational responsibilities like finding hot products to sell, fulfilling orders using using both bulk order and drop shipping methods, and handling all customer support for you.

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New Stores

We leverage advanced data analytics and customer insights to develop customized marketing strategies that drive traffic and increase conversions, ensuring that our stores deliver measurable results for our partners.

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Aged Stores (AAA)

Our aged stores are carefully selected based on their established track record and potential for growth, enabling us to acquire high-performing e-commerce businesses that are already generating significant revenue. With our proven expertise in scaling and optimizing online businesses, we are able to unlock the full potential of these stores and drive long-term value for our clients.

A Walkthrough Of Our Prep Center Warehouse

Want to see what goes on in our warehouse day to day? Take a small glimpse into our what our operations team is doing daily to ensure your store is getting the attention it needs to succeed.

A Behind The Scenes Look At One Of Our Client's Stores

Curious what it’s like to own one of these Amazon stores? Have a look into one of our Clients store to get a better understanding of what it’s like owning a store.

How The Amazon Seller Process Works

Step 1

Get Onboarded

We make onboarding easy with our dedicated success management team that’s there to help you get set up.

Once we have your new LLC, Amazon Sellers Account, and Resellers license in place we’ll be off to the races while you get to sit back and enjoy owning this new business (not working on it).

Step 2

Acquire Inventory

Not only do we have access to brand name products at wholesale prices – we allocate a dedicated product research team to your store that’s constantly analyzing the market to find top selling, high-margin products.

Worried about funding your product spend? When you work with us you also get to work with our credit team who’s here to help you get $50-$150K in 0% credit cards which can be used as working capital.

Step 3

Collect Revenue

Once our product research team has started adding products to your store our listing optimization team will be working on ranking your listings so you can get more traffic and sales.

During these months we will be working with you and your budget to help allocate profits back into the business so that we can scale your Amazon stores overall SKU’s.

Expect your dedicated customer success manager to be updating you bi-weekly with sales reports on your business.

Welcome to be being a high-level business owner!

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Weekly & monthly reports

Our online client portal provides comprehensive reporting to keep our clients informed about the performance of their store, offering detailed analytics and actionable insights that enable them to make informed decisions and optimize their returns. You will see your reports from Amazon, your inventory purchase amounts, standing inventory cash balance available to purchase products, and the ability to track your product purchases from the manufacturer, to our warehouse, then to Amazon or other e-commerce platform in real time.

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Advanced analytics

Our advanced analytics capabilities enable us to leverage data-driven insights to identify trends, measure performance, and make informed decisions that maximize the value of our clients' stores.

Happy Clients, Happy Life

We’ve taken the saying “happy wife, happy life” and converted it to “happy clients, happy life”.

When you work us, your success is our priority. We don’t treat you like a customer, we treat you as an individual business partners.

This partnership makes the process of owning an Amazon business more peaceful and more successful as we’ll be updating you throughout the entire process while your store is under operational management with us.

Add a new asset to your portfolio - Get started today!