How We Helps New Sellers Avoid These 5.5 Newbie Traps

We first help you get approved to sell on’s ecommerce marketplace. We then manage and

Starting your eCommerce store has been made simple (not easy) with the help of online platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Ebay, Etc. Amazon is the king of eCommerce. In fact 1 out of 3 Americans are Amazon Prime Members.

Amazon’s dominance has made it a top destination for online sellers. You have the option to dropship items from name brands, sell your own products via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM).

According to JungleScout an Amazon Data Tracking Service 76% of Amazon Sellers are profitable. 46% of sellers said their profits increased from 2020 to 2021. The average full time (40+ hours) seller earns $42,000 per year (our average client earns six figures per year).

As I mentioned it is simple but not easy. There is a difference. Do you have the time to grow a successful store? Can you survive the learning curve? Have you figured out what products to sell? Will you dropship, use FBA or FBM? Are you willing to learn how to update your catalog, keep up with price changes, and stop competitors from stealing your listings?

Here are 5.5 Newbie Traps that we can help you avoid:

1. Lack of Capital

There are start up cost. From forming your business to getting a resellers license. There are monthly fees, shipping fees, and taxes to pay.

Can you generate enough cashflow to maintain your inventory? Amazon pays its sellers every two weeks and most sellers make the mistake of relying on revenue in the beginning.

A lack of capital can cause you to pause your store. Or worse not fulfilling your orders. A huge mistake with Amazon that will get your account suspended.

This is why we always ask that you have working capital. Too many new sellers rely on sales from their listings instead of having the working capital. Pausing your store because you ran out of funds can lead to failure. 

Drop shipping can alleviate some of these problems in the beginning. It takes time to build positive cashflow and get you into profitability.

2. Competitors Overload

According to Marketplace Pulse, “Amazon industry has 8.6 million total sellers worldwide.” That means fierce competition.

This makes it tough for new sellers to penetrate the market. Do you know how to write your listings? How to position your products for organic search? Which products are hot and when to drop losers? Who will keep up with price changes?

There is software available to help you succeed with Amazon. As long as you have the time to use it. This is where our marketing team takes over. Jump the herd of average sellers and have our marketing team do the work for you.

3. Amazon Price Wars

The price wars are real. Sellers will sacrifice profits to end up in the Amazon Buy Box.  A lot of inexperienced sellers will attempt to outbid their competition by offering a reduced price. This is a dangerous method that will eat your profit margins. Don’t do it! It is imperative to have a repricing strategy.

4. Obtaining Amazon Feedback

Amazon’s Market Place is customer centric and customer focused. Customer reviews are vital to the health of your store. This means you need to provide a seamless transaction for your customers.

The customers needs to receive what they ordered in the time frame the expect. Also, if there are any problems there should be a system in place to handle returns, complaints, and repackaging. 

Since 2016 sellers can not incentivize customers for their reviews. You can only facilitate reviews through the Amazon Vine Program.  In their official article, Amazon specified that “we upgraded the community guidelines to restrict incentivized evaluations unless they are helped with through the Amazon Vine program.”

Our management team handles every aspect of customer service for you. From product returns, repackaging, shipping, and the health metrics of your store (Amazon Store Health Ranking).

Take care of your customers and they will give you raving reviews.

5. Amazon’s Restrictions and Policies

There are no excuses to violate Amazon’s Policies. Amazon has provided all the material for you to succeed. Amazon suspends hundreds of stores every month for violating their rules. There are options to avoid this newbie trap:

1. Enroll in Seller University learn on your own time (but you are a busy professional remember)

2. Invest in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Coaching Program (the time factor again)

3. Hire us to manage your store and succeed.

The Amazon Slap is serious. They will suspend your store and hold your funds. Comply or your store will Die.

Restrictions and policies are in place to keep the Amazon ecosystem going and to provide all stores the opportunity to succeed. To avoid suspension, know the rules.

Avoid the Newbie Trap with Amazon Management

Let’s face it if you had the time you would have started your amazon store. We help busy professionals create business assets that produce passive income.  We help you avoid these Newbie Traps and deliver on our promise. If you want us to help you create a passive six figure income.  Then schedule an appointment with us Amazon Management