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Running an Amazon store can be professionally and financially rewarding. Unfortunately, it also requires a lot of time and resources and can sometimes feel overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re running the operations alone.

Handling countless tasks on top of family and social obligations can leave you with little to no time for your business. You could no longer have the time or mental energy to propel your company forward by expanding or innovating new services or products.

Fortunately, you can get the help you need to ensure your business operates smoothly and profitably through Amazon management services. In this article, we delve into an effective third-party solution that allows entrepreneurs like you to get their time back while launching their businesses to the next level.

Defining Amazon Store Management

Amazon store management is a suite of services offered by some companies or agencies specializing in the e-commerce space. These services aim to make owning an Amazon store less of a time- and resource-consuming undertaking.

Further, Amazon management services may also help make Amazon stores more profitable. With this, entrepreneurs can free up their time yet still earn a profit and turn their Amazon store into an asset with high earning potential.

What Is Involved in Amazon Store Management?

Hiring a company for store management services essentially involves outsourcing various tasks to third parties. These are typically professionals with extensive experience in multiple aspects of Amazon seller management. When you hire an Amazon store management company, they may help you with the following:

Initial Store Setup

If you don’t have an Amazon store yet, an Amazon store management company can help you set one up. Initial store setup involves many tasks, including:

  • Getting account approval from Amazon
  • Amazon account optimization
  • Fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA) management
  • Storefront design
  • Acquiring inventory
  • Product listing copywriting

You can have the company take on more or fewer tasks, depending on how “hands-on” you would like to be.

If you want to treat your Amazon store more as an asset than a business you have to operate, you can opt for end-to-end management so you won’t have to do anything other than watch your business grow. 

On the other hand, if you’d like to remain actively involved in your business operations, you can outsource the tasks that take up most of your time, those that require a specialist’s expertise or simply the ones you don’t enjoy.

Amazon Ads Management

Marketing is essential to ensuring your products reach the right audience. Beyond that, ads help build your brand image, improve your online reputation, and, importantly, increase your profits.

However, Amazon advertising is a complex process requiring you to stay up to date on the marketplace’s latest policy changes and your competitors’ actions. You also have to make sure that your advertising dollars are working as hard as possible for you by creating and implementing an effective strategy while staying within budget.

The Amazon store management company you choose to work with can take this burden off your shoulders. It can handle all or some of the work involved in advertising and marketing your business. Some examples of these tasks include:

  • Performing competitor analyses: These let you see how well your store stacks up against others selling similar products on the Amazon marketplace. With competitor analyses, you’ll be better equipped to develop a proven strategy for differentiating your business and offerings.

  • Product listing optimization: Amazon’s search engine algorithm, A9, considers many factors when deciding which listing ranks higher in search results. These include relevance and past sales performance. An Amazon store management service understands how to work with the A9 algorithm to optimize your listings fully, helping propel your products to the top of Amazon search result pages.

  • Managing your Amazon PPC campaigns: An Amazon store management system can be set up to develop, deploy and oversee your pay-per-click campaigns. PPC ads are highly effective at converting interested store visitors into paying customers. This is because PPC ads are designed to reach your customers at the exact time they’re ready to make a purchase decision.

Moreover, PPC campaigns can be used to test various marketing messages to see which ones work best and can be duplicated in future campaigns. They’re also flexible and can be customized according to your needs and requirements. Additionally, they do not require a huge advertising budget.

Amazon Inventory Management

This is the set of processes involved in sourcing, storing and processing products so that you’ll always have optimum stock levels regardless of demand fluctuations. An Amazon inventory management system helps prevent other costly problems, such as:

  • Too much inventory: Having enough products on hand to meet customer demand is necessary to maintain your business. However, too many products languishing in storage is not.

Excess inventory results in additional storage costs as well as other fees. And, as is often the case with “trending” or topical products, having too many items can result in them aging and you having to liquidate.

  • Deadstock: You may sometimes lose track of some products you have purchased to sell. These products may end up in a fulfillment center or warehouse instead of being put up for sale on your Amazon store. Deadstock or stranded stock results in a loss of potential earnings because you’ve already paid for these items, but you’re not selling them. They also take up valuable storage space that could have been used for other products.

  • Spoilage of food and other perishable goods – An Amazon inventory management system is especially crucial for selling perishable items such as food, cosmetics and skincare products. You’ll need to track these items and ensure the ones with the earliest sell-by dates are sold first. Otherwise, you could risk profit as you won’t be able to sell expired stock.

  • Expensive storage fees – Storage can take up a considerable chunk of your operating expenses. Optimizing your storage space and ensuring the correct stock levels helps you avoid unnecessary storage costs.

The Best Products For Your Amazon Store

Why You Need Amazon Store Management Services

Save Time

As mentioned at the start of this article, Amazon management services save you valuable time that you would ordinarily spend on repetitive daily tasks. You don’t have to keep checking your inventory levels, ensuring customers are responded to immediately or updating your product listings for SEO. An Amazon store management company can do all that for you and more.

You can then focus your productive hours on mission-critical tasks, like core business processes, developing expansion strategies and innovation. Alternatively, you can use your newfound spare time on other priorities, like spending more time with your loved ones or pursuing a hobby.

Save Resources

As your Amazon business grows, so does the need for more people to take on the additional operational work. New employees must be vetted, trained and supervised to ensure they do the job correctly. Onboarding new employees uses a considerable amount of your resources.

On the other hand, outsourcing to an Amazon seller management agency means you don’t have to worry about sourcing and training new workers. You can focus on your expansion strategies while the agency does the rest of the work.

Amazon Store Management Turns Your Business Into an Asset

Whether you already have an Amazon store or just thinking of getting into the e-commerce space, you’ll benefit from Amazon store management. Amazon store management services can transform your business into an asset that allows you to earn nearly passive income.

You wouldn’t need to work extra hours learning how to make your Amazon store successful. Amazon seller management handles all the work for you.

Benefit From Wealth Assistants’ Amazon Store Management Expertise

Wealth Assistants is a trusted company providing a wealth of Amazon store management solutions to business owners and entrepreneurs. Our team works as your operational partners, providing you with the support and guidance necessary to start, grow and expand your e-commerce business.

As a team of experts in Amazon store management services, we back our services with a guarantee. With a multifaced operations team of more than 250 professionals managing our clients’ businesses, we are confident in our ability to help your business reach new heights. If you’re interested in these services, click here to book a call.

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