Amazon Automation: How to Streamline Your Amazon FBA Store

If you want to tap into the profits of the booming e-commerce industry, Amazon automation may be one of the best options available. Here’s what you should know about Amazon automation.

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Plenty of entrepreneurs can find e-commerce opportunities on Amazon. With 2.45 billion unique website visitors every month, Amazon is a good choice for online sellers who want a piece of Amazon’s traffic and the opportunity to sell online without running their website. 

Amazon has provided plenty of outlets to help its sellers profit from selling on its platform. With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), sellers can streamline their process and automate Amazon orders.

If you want to tap into the profits of the booming e-commerce industry, Amazon automation may be one of the best options available. Here’s what you should know about Amazon automation.

What Is Amazon Automation?

Amazon automation generally refers to the use of software, third parties, and other tools to automate how you process and ship out your Amazon orders. Without Amazon Automation services, you would need to perform every task that goes into processing, packing, and shipping orders. 

With Amazon Automation, software or third parties can handle the more repetitive tasks. This gives you the time and energy to focus on the more critical tasks or makes your online selling business much more efficient. 

Amazon Automation can refer to various approaches: using FBA, third-party tools, or outsourcing your work to third parties. 

Amazon FBA Program

Also known as the “Fulfillment by Amazon” program, this is the most popular form of Amazon automation services. Under this option, you work directly with your nearest Amazon fulfillment center. You create an Amazon selling account and then register to set up FBA. You then list your products and inventory and have your inventory packed and shipped to a fulfillment center. 

Once your inventory is in an Amazon fulfillment center, you can track purchases, merchandise, and sales. Every time a customer orders from your shop, the fulfillment center will be responsible for processing, packing, and shipping their orders and handling any after-sales customer service. 

Third-Party Fulfillment Services

Instead of working with an Amazon Fulfillment Center, some sellers find it more practical to work with a third-party logistics company (we partner with These centers provide services such as:

  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • Order fulfillment
  • Shipping
  • Return and exchanges

Some third-party logistics also offer additional services, including marketing, market management services, and other fulfillment services. Like Amazon FBA, sellers can ship their inventory to the service provider. They will handle stock-keeping, processing orders, and forwarding shipments to shipping service providers. 

Amazon Automation Services

Another way to streamline your Amazon fulfillment is to work with an Amazon automation service. These are full-service agencies where you retain ownership of your online business while they act as your operational partner for every task needed to run your store. 

Their store management services are an end-to-end solution, removing the tasks – and the stress – of handling the store. On top of the services provided by fulfillment centers, Amazon automation services also offer:

  • Store launch
  • Product research
  • Listing optimization
  • Inventory management 
  • PPC marketing
  • Customer service
  • Returns
  • Scaling your store

As a result, your Amazon store essentially becomes a hands-off cash-flowing asset. You retain ownership and benefit from the profits while professionals handle the day-to-day tasks. 

Why You Should Automate Your Amazon FBA Business

There are many reasons why more online sellers are opting to optimize their business and reduce the tasks they have to do. Even if your business is registered under Amazon’s FBA program, some tasks still fall within your scope. 

Here are some of the benefits of fully automating your Amazon store:

  • Reduce Operational Costs: Online sellers must deal with staff payroll, storage space, shipping costs, and more. By automating, sellers can delegate these costs to a fulfillment center or a third party in exchange for a fee that’s a fraction of their operational costs.

  • Eliminate Repetitive Tasks: Without automation, you would be responsible for every step of fulfilling orders. This can be a time-consuming and repetitive process that can make it challenging to make time for more critical tasks and your personal time.

  • Reduce the Risk of Error: The more manual handling is in your process, the higher the risk of error. Working with tools and software makes gathering data, making better decisions, and improving customer satisfaction easy.

  • Simplify Startup Operations: Rather than handling all the aspects of running a business, you can automate routine or repetitive tasks. These tools or services also allow you to scale with minimal effort.

  • Generate Passive Income: Rather than making your business your main focus daily, you can turn it into a source of passive income. FBA takes away the logistics of handling your product, while an Amazon automation store handles the rest and ensures your business takes advantage of the demand. 

  • Scale Your Business: By automating most processes, you can make it easier to scale your business without hiring more people. You can easily adjust your tools or third-party logistics to accommodate a larger inventory. 

How To Automate Your Amazon FBA Business

To sign up for Amazon’s FBA program, register for a seller’s account or log in to your existing account. Once you’ve followed the process to set up your FBA store, you can now automate your business by finding solutions for the following:

  • Shipping: While Amazon will handle getting your products shipped to customers, sellers need to ship their products to a fulfillment center in a way that meets Amazon’s strict packaging requirements.

  • Product Research Automation: Many tools and software can help you gather sales data such as price history, competition, sales, and more – which can all help you make better decisions regarding inventory and pricing.

  • Listing Optimization: Optimizing your product pages to rank higher on Amazon searches and convincing users to purchase from your store instead of your competitors. While you can’t fully automate listing optimization, you can automate gathering data and finding ways to use the recommended keywords in your listings.

  • Pricing Automation: This involves regularly checking your competitors’ prices and changing your prices to keep them competitive. While Amazon has features to automate pricing, it’s essential to check your prices now and then to ensure you’re still making a profit.

  • Inventory Management: Running out of inventory can lead to missed sales or dropping in Amazon’s search ranks. However, this process can be very repetitive and time-consuming. Amazon can notify sellers running low on inventory, but automating this process can also include reordering and forecasting how much inventory should be ordered.

  • Remarketing Strategies: It’s cheaper to remarket to existing and previous customers than to market to potential customers. Providing automated emails to tell them about new products, promotions, and deals can turn your customer data into an asset. However, since Amazon doesn’t provide shoppers’ emails, you must use third-party tools to automate your marketing strategies.

  • Review Requests: Reviews can boost your position in Amazon searches, but manually asking every customer to leave a review can be time-consuming. Instead, you can use automated tools to request a review. Keep in mind that you’re not allowed to ask for reviews in exchange for rewards, which is considered a violation under Amazon.

Working with Wealth Assistants: The Best Way to Streamline Your Amazon FBA Store

Amazon’s FBA program has helped many online sellers streamline their operations and reduce the work they must manually do to fulfill their orders. However, even with the FBA in place, some aspects of selling still require your attention. Additional tools and software can help, but they take time and effort. And most of the time, these are best handled by professionals. 

That’s why, when completely automating your Amazon store, your best solution is to let a team like Wealth Assistants handle your store. 

At Wealth Assistants, we turn your online store on Amazon into a passive, hands-off cash flowing asset. Instead of fragmenting your Amazon FBA tasks and delegating your tasks to multiple tools and third-party services, you can leave your entire operations with our knowledgeable team. We can keep your business running and grow and scale as necessary. Here's what one of our partners had to say about her experience:

"I highly recommend Wealth Assistants for their exceptional services in creating and managing our automated Amazon business for my family. For the past year, they have consistently impressed us with their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to our success. Their knowledge, comprehensive approach, advanced automation strategies, and constant communication have resulted in a profitable additional income source for our family. We are grateful for the transformative impact Wealth Assistants has had on our lives and look forward to continuing our partnership with them in the future." -Ashley M., Trustpilot Review

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