Our History

Wealth Assistants was founded solely due to the fact that people need more money and they need it quicker than ever due to inflation at an all-time high.

Together we are bringing to the public our new modern day Wealth Management Service, helping people diversify their portfolios with cash-flowing assets that outperform traditional investments.

Our goal is to help people achieve financial freedom with new streams of fully passive income that generate our clients at a minimum $10,000/mo.

Interview with our Founder & CEO: Ryan Carroll

Management Team

Ryan Carroll

chief executive officer

Max Day

Technology Consultant

Michael Day

Business Development Manager

Noah Wickham

Chief Operations Officer

Jenn Schwertfeger

Chief Administrative Officer

Brandon Andrews

Onboarding Specialist

Eric Schwertfeger

Creative Director

Nate Fancher

Business Portfolio Manager

Mack McKaughan

Business Portfolio Manager

Charles Fitzgerald Butler

Business Portfolio Manager

Christopher Bensted-Smith

Business Portfolio Manager

Daniel Seyffert

Business Portfolio Manager

Hysam Elkalban

Business Portfolio Manager

Luigi Caceres

Business Portfolio Manager

Josh Sweetnam


Hunter Chapman

Brand Partner

We are a team passionately focused on driving small business success.

We bring together the powers of world-class e-сommerce technologies and make them easy and accessible to the masses.

Our support is fanatical, and we never stop learning.

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